The Committees

Family Selection. This committee contacts potential applicants. It reviews applications and selects likely homeowners. It visits potential homeowners to gather information. It explains to applicants how Habitat works, especially how houses are financed. It makes recommendations to the board on families to be selected. It keeps accurate records of application. It communicates with Family Support so that Support may begin its responsibilities.

Family Support. This committee serves as a liaison between each selected family from the time they are selected until six months after they have occupied their new home (or longer as needed). It may also help potential homeowners get in a position to be able to afford a Habitat home. It assists the selected family in making choices allowed by the affiliate for personalizing their home and in communicating those choices to the affiliate. It involves the family in Habitat activities. It oversees the sweat equity guidelines. It assists in preparing the family for media exposure. It provides educational opportunities for new homeowners in areas of homeownership, such as property taxes and home maintenance.

Development. This committee develops plans for public relations. It develops publicity pieces. It puts out a newsletter. It provides speakers and arranges presentations on Habitat. It establishes and maintains good relationships with the print and electronic media. It develops plans for raising funds. It carries out those plans. It recruits volunteers. It coordinates groundbreakings and dedications.

Building. This committee coordinates construction of the houses. It provides a construction supervisor for the actual building. It coordinates volunteer enlistment during building. It works with selected families on house plans and on choosing what will go into the house. It procures materials. It coordinates lunches for volunteers at work sites.

Site Selection. This committee seeks building sites for Habitat houses, both purchased and donated. It procures those lots, working closely with the Building Committee. It makes sure all legal work is completed. It oversees the maintenance of lots that will be used in the future.